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Finder restarting loop error

Yesterday I tried to install a version of TotalFinder and it failed. Since that, Finder started blinking and I wasn't able to open any window, there was a message about restore previous windows.

I searched in forums, tried everything: delete desktop files, tried to delete Finder preferences through Terminal app, verified my HD with DiskUtility, downloaded Onyx and nothing worked.

I created an extra user and that user hasn't that problem, so I realized that the problem was caused by an user configuration, anyway, I don't have any idea about what should I to do.

I resigned to create a new user and migrate all my data (long process) and opened the System Preferences>Users and Groups, selected my username and then I saw an item I've never seen: Login Items, I opened it and there was a list of items that open automatically when an user login.

There was an TotalFinder item, and then I understood it. That was what made my computer Finder restart repeatedly. Simple: I delet…